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A brief word about podcasts before I share some links with you.

I’m a believer in conversation as an ideal vehicle for learning. To quote the late, great Jay Cross, “human conversation is the most powerful learning technology ever invented.

In a world filled with learning assets of varying effectiveness, human conversations cut through — they are voices heard above the din. We can enhance or replace traditional learning products with the infectious call and response of conversation — knowledgeable people discussing relevant things.

Talk is immersive for learners, including the vicarious, recorded kind. That’s because a good interviewer gains access to best-in-field experts and takes the time to prep, to craft the questions we might not even know to ask.

Where it takes months of planning and development to launch an e-learning product of dubious value, smart conversations do good in the world now, not a year from now. Want to test the learner? No problem, we can attach an assessment to anything.

My first show, DESIGN GUY, begun in 2007, has been featured multiple times by Apple Podcasts as an official editorial pick. It has garnered hundreds of thousands of downloads and been called one of the best creative podcasts by the leading design website, CreativeBloq.

These days, I’m associated with THE LEARNING CIRCLE, one among several programs produced for Defense Acquisition University (DAU).

My passion project is TV TERROR, a show that explores genre programming from the classic era. This show is ambitious in scale, format and production requirement, providing a sandbox in which to hone my craft using subject matter I enjoy.