I’m a designer/developer who specializes in content and educational arts. If you need to say or teach something, I can help you translate it into a form your audience will like. Sometimes the medium is me — I’m the talent or host for many things, voicing hundreds of products over the years.


More about my background and approach:
Tom Peters said, “Design is the soul of the new enterprise,” and this sums up my approach: only by uncovering the needs of our customers can we craft solutions to their problems.

Each project brings an opportunity for growth and I look for it in whatever work engages me. I’ve developed all manner of media, and on the large projects where I manage other people, I have a knack for getting the right talent and keeping them happy and productive.

With thirty years of experience, I added a degree somewhat recently – Master of Science in Instructional Technologies from Bloomsburg University’s venerable Learning & Development program.

On a personal note, I enjoy writing (mostly non-fiction) about a variety of subjects. I play guitar. And I take time to smell the crepe myrtle blooms down South where I reside as a transplanted New Yorker.

Of the various social media platforms, I prefer that you connect with me on LinkedIn by clicking the icon in the Follow Me section below. Thanks for checking out my site today.